HamiltonJet Waterjets

HamiltonJet are the market leaders in proficiency, safety, and power through innovation and adaptation.

HamiltonJet spearheaded the evolution of the waterjet system more than six decades ago, constantly fine-tuning our technology to accommodate an array of inshore and offshore vessels.

The HamiltonJet waterjet affords significant benefits over rival marine propulsion systems, particularly in high-speed planing vessels that operate in the 20 to 50+ knot range.

Our commitment revolves around our three key customer values: optimising vessel performance, ensuring precise vessel control, and maintaining overall product lifecycle while managing costs. HamiltonJet Australia is a newly formed entity, taking over Distributor responsibilities from WestJet Propulsion, including Sales, service and support, covering all of West Australia and Northern Territories.


Reliable performance in tough conditions.

HamiltonJet supplies 90% of the world’s waterjets for Offshore vessels and is the quintessential solution for hard-working crew boats in the oil and gas industry.

Our waterjets and controls are meticulously crafted to offer safety and reliability under even the most challenging conditions. We are transforming the way crew boats operate, with the objective of reducing workloads for hardworking crew members and allowing those at the helm to focus on the most critical tasks.

Safety is everything.

Dependability and manoeuvrability are critical when delivering essential dive and maintenance services for fish farms worldwide. HamiltonJet delivers every time with innovative, dependable jet propulsion, advanced controls, and comprehensive support.

As the demand for aquaculture vessels increases globally, the focus on safety has become paramount. All of our impellers are enclosed within the body of the jet, with no exposed equipment on the underside of the hull. This design enhances the safety of both marine life and people, making us the ideal choice for aquaculture operations.

Keep your eye on the catch.

No matter the depth or conditions, HamiltonJet waterjets are the ultimate solution for fishing boats the world over. We are your trusted partner for waterjets, propulsion controls and 24/7 support.

The fishing segment is increasingly drawn to HamiltonJet waterjets for their exceptional manoeuvrability, shallow draft, efficiency, and speed, and the containment of impellers within the jet body significantly reduces the risk of entangling nets or ropes in the motor. Furthermore, our advanced control systems ensure precise vessel control under all weather conditions, giving skippers and crews the freedom to focus on their catch.

Equipment you can rely on.

Speed and manoeuvrability are vital during ocean-based rescue missions, and HamiltonJet delivers the goods with cutting-edge, high-calibre waterjets you can rely on. Our commitment to producing durable and reliable technology is at the heart of everything we do. Our waterjets and control systems work as hard as the crafts they power, ensuring mission-critical confidence for Search and Rescue vessels each and every time they get the call.

We also provide waterjet propulsion solutions for other vessel segment applications, including fireboat, patrol & military, pilot boats, ferries, windfarm, recreation and workboats.

The last word in marine propulsion

As willing collaborators and integrators, we work in the best interests of our clients, tailoring our technology to suit your needs, and providing solutions that range from the basic to the bespoke.