HamiltonJet Expands Down Under

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new distribution arm in Australia, called HamiltonJet Australia. This expansion shows how committed we are to helping local vessel fleets that utilise water jet technology, especially those in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

HamiltonJet have had a very long and successful relationship with our Distributor Westjet Propulsion in Western Australia for the past 25 years. Working in partnership with Dave Mathison and his team has been very rewarding and we have had many successful waterjet propulsion projects together over this time. We would like to thank Westjet for their support

Support for the Australian Maritime Sector

The introduction of HamiltonJet Australia aims to bring our global expertise and cutting-edge solutions closer to the Australian maritime industry. This move is key to our strategy of providing support and services, carefully designed to address the unique challenges and requirements of the Australian marine environment.

Customised Solutions for Local Demands

HamiltonJet Australia represents more than just a distribution centre; it stands as a beacon of technical excellence and client support. Our team is prepared to address the specific needs of our clients, offering both inter-sales assistance and technical advice to ensure our customers receive support and solutions for their water jet-propelled vessels.

Commitment to the Australian Maritime Industry

Having been operational in Australia for four months, HamiltonJet has already started making a significant contribution, utilising our extensive experience and knowledge to serve the local market effectively. Our presence in Australia signifies our commitment to forging relationships with our clients and actively contributing to the growth and success of the Australian maritime industry.

Visit HamiltonJet Australia for All Your Propulsion Requirements

We warmly invite all our current and prospective customers to reach out to HamiltonJet Australia for any propulsion-related needs, guidance, or support. Our dedicated team is keen to showcase how HamiltonJet’s technology and services can enhance your fleet’s performance and efficiency, ensuring optimal outcomes for your operations.