Revolutionising Marine Propulsion

We are excited to announce the launch of our groundbreaking LTX Series, a new line of high-efficiency waterjets that represent a significant advancement in marine propulsion technology. Focused on medium and low-speed operation, the LTX Series is the first of its kind to rival the energy efficiency and bollard pull of the best propeller-based systems in the zero to 30 knots range.

Unparalleled Efficiency at Low Speeds

The LTX Series is engineered to excel where it matters most—efficiency at low speeds. This focus on low-speed operation doesn’t just match, but in many cases, surpasses the performance of the best propeller systems, offering a compelling alternative for operators prioritising fuel economy and reduced operational costs.

Lightweight Design

Embodying the principle of ‘less is more,’ the LTX Series boasts a lightweight design that does not compromise on strength or durability. This lean construction approach ensures that the waterjets contribute to overall vessel efficiency, enhancing speed and reducing fuel consumption.

Lean and Mean

The essence of the LTX Series is captured in its lean design, which strips away unnecessary bulk without sacrificing performance. This streamlined construction not only makes the LTX Series lighter but also more efficient, offering a sleek yet powerful solution for modern marine propulsion.

HamiltonJet’s LTX Series represents a reimagining of what waterjets can achieve, setting a new standard for efficiency, performance, and innovation in the marine industry. With the launch of the LTX Series, HamiltonJet reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, offering a smarter, more efficient way to power the vessels of tomorrow.