HJ214 WaterJet

For clients utilising trailer boats across diverse water environments such as rivers and lakes, versatility and tailored performance are paramount. The HJ214 model is meticulously designed to deliver exceptional efficiency across a wide range of speeds while maintaining robust resistance to cavitation. It has been upgraded with the newly engineered TURBO2 Impeller and introduces the latest Trim Nozzle, featuring options for electric actuation.

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The HJ214, the optimal propulsion solution for a wide array of boats, is undoubtedly the best waterjet unit available on the market today. Its design emphasizes compactness and lightness, tailored for enhanced efficiency at high speeds. With the recent introduction of the new TURBO2 impeller range and Trim Nozzle options, the HJ214 has set a groundbreaking new standard in the industry.

  • Max Input Power: 260 kW / 349 hp
  • Max Power (Restricted Duty): 300 kW / 402 hp (TURBO2 Impellers up to T4.1– Gasoline Engines only)
  • Max RPM: 4800 rpm
  • Max Speed: 50 Knots
  • Jet Type: Axial Flow
  • Jet Weight – Dry: 79 kg / 174 lbs
  • Jet Weight – Dry: 82 kg / 181 lbs (With Trim Nozzle)
  • Entrained Water: 20 kg / 44 lbs
  • Intake Block Weight: 7 Kg / 15 Lbs
  • Jet Construction: Marine Grade Aluminium / Duplex SS
  • Shaft Angle: 5°
  • NEW OPTION – Factory manufactured TURBO2 Impeller range
  • NEW OPTION – Trim Nozzle ±10°
  • Improved Acceleration (hole shot) with new TURBO2 impeller
  • Inboard footprint remains the same as the previous model
  • Refined reverse duct design
  • Enhanced minimum speed
  • Controls: Mechanical

For boats that are to be moored or have prolonged use in salt water, consider the HJ214-SW waterjet as an alternative option with anode protection.